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[AMSTRAD CPC] Orion Prime - Package, Intro & Gameplay Footage On Live CPC! (HBGs #1)
[AMSTRAD CPC] Orion Prime - Package, Intro & Gameplay Footage On Live CPC! (HBGs #1)
1 October 2010, 11:38 pm


First video in my Amstrad "Home Brew Games" series! What better way than to start with ORION PRIME! The most recent Amstrad home brew game to arrive ... it's also the biggest and most professional game EVER made for the CPC! Designed and enhanced specially to use the CPC's colours and sound live to its full potential, this game spans 4 sides of 3" disk alone!! The intro is the best thing I've even seen on the Amstrad ... and the game itself .... kept me hooked for months!! Here I take a look at the packaging of the game, and record live the full amazing intro plus a short bit of gameplay footage! I'll do a review and longplay another time ... but the game is so massive that'll take a long time to do!! This is NOT a text adventure game, but a mash up of point-and-click, action, puzzle solving and horror survival! Inspired by System Shock with a mix of Aliens, Resident Evil, etc! Set aside a few hours to really get into this and you'll be hooked! Get it here - (unfortunately they are no longer selling the game with the packaging etc, but the DSK files are FREE to download and play on your emulator of choice! I strongly recommend though you transfer it to disk and play it on a REAL CPC thought! Apologies for the screen flicker :( Gameplay footage starts at 10:20
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Nooo! You opened the package! :D I actually bought one to keep sealed... am I nuts? :D
Orion Prime (Amstrad CPC)