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[AMSTRAD CPC] OutRun Europa - Longplay & Review
[AMSTRAD CPC] OutRun Europa - Longplay & Review
26 April 2015, 1:05 am


Review and longplay / walkthrough for "Out Run Europa" on the Amstrad CPC! Add me on FACEBOOK here! - Well, this is an interesting longplay and a long time...[/t][/t]
From: Xyphoe Views: 20 4 ratings
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Thanks for keep knocking these out Xyphoe , you're a great support for the cpc scene , and great you tube video maker in any respect, I will stop blowing smoke up your arse now .

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LOL! Thank you dude!  :D

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Clusterfuck of a release on US Gold's part.
Basically this was meant to be the Outrun answer to Target Renegade, a sequel that didn't appear in the arcade.

Probe took too long with it (the c64 was the development machine for this) and by the time a prototype was drawn up, Sega had actually come up with Turbo Outrun in the arcade, leaving Probe with an almost finished title and nowhere for it to go. Of course, the Chase HQ formula had taken off, so once Turbo Outrun came to release on the 8bits (and failed miserably, I might add), they added in the Chase HQ element into the game and released it on all formats.

Too little too late though, the formats were dying off by the time it surfaced.
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