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[AMSTRAD CPC] Shadow Dancer - Longplay & Review
[AMSTRAD CPC] Shadow Dancer - Longplay & Review
6 September 2011, 3:43 am


Shadow Dancer on the Amstrad CPC review and longplay! The sequel to Shinobi gets converted to the Amstrad - the original was an absolute corker of a conversion .... how does this compare? It's certainly very faithful to the arcade machine - they've truly done a great job here! (had to make a couple of edits and reloads for this one due to some recording issues) (c) Sega 1989 / US Gold 1991
From: Xyphoe Views: 88 9 ratings
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Source: Uploads by Xyphoe

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Is this a 64K only game or are there any 128K features (be it only 1 loading or whatever)

considering US.Gold, i think not.

Anyway, the graphics are quite good on this one.

Sadly not a lot a animation frames not sounds, but hey, if it is to run on 64K RAM this is easily understandable.

Both shinoby games being quite good on Amstrad CPC... I guess such game could quite be really awesome on a cartridge PLUS.

Here, sprites are far larger than they are in Shinoby (1st)... so less RAM is available for extra Frames I guess.

But otherwise the tiles are quite more detailed than the 1st opus.

And to manage the dog may take extra CPU/RAM too.

Impressive : some parts looks like a "multi-parralax scroll"... I mean the white-blue exterior cloudy sky does move differently than the foreground...
- STAFF -Edité par : U.S.Gold
 Coding : Dave SEMMENS
 Graphics : Doug TOWNSLEY
Dave Semmens also did "Teenage mutant ninja hero turtles Arcade Coinop".... (ouch, long title) with dough townsley, this explains the good quality of Graphics on both games...

D.Semmens also produced a game called Wizard Willy, which looks good, but also feature the "Multiparalevelax Scrolling" ( ::) )... according to CPCpowers page.

And is basically a platform shooter, so a Shinoby like ...
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Man, you keep producing vids faster than I can properly watch them!!!

Good one. Never really played this, it looks quite ambitious and nice. Maybe I should try it tomorrow morning with my cuppa coffee!