Author Topic: Xyphoe's Vids - [AMSTRAD CPC] Space Hawks - Review & Longplay  (Read 927 times)

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[AMSTRAD CPC] Space Hawks - Review & Longplay
[AMSTRAD CPC] Space Hawks - Review & Longplay
2 October 2010, 2:28 am


Space Hawks for the Amstrad! Aww... Roland On The Ropes gave me nostalgia pangs so I revisited another Amsoft game that came Roland and my first CPC all those years ago! This is an 'ok' Space Invaders / Galaxian / Pheonix clone ... ok for a 5 minute blast. (c) Amsoft / Durell 1984
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Re: Xyphoe's Vids - [AMSTRAD CPC] Space Hawks - Review & Longplay
« Reply #1 on: 12:08, 29 September 11 »
Appologies for dusting down this old topic, I actually quite enjoy this game and it's really polished in a way, the scrolling starfield is very smooth and the colour animations of it is clever (good use of alternative colouring), all the sprites move around well, I noticed some flicker in one of the aliens on the second level, though given there's a lot of them and they jump out and you and bits of them come flying towards lots of animation is happening. I like it given it's not copying Space Invaders to the point it's Space Invaders cause having them fly out is quite effective and they fly out randomibly and occassionally zig-zag in different variances which makes it a bit harder to shoot them down, but I guess the game has to be somewhat challenging. I haven't been able to complete it though!  :o  I think the only little flaw I saw was in the Collision Detection when the alien has flown kind of behind you you can destroy it (colliding your ship onto it) without dying. The dying effect is quite impressive, I like those little sound effects too and the Star Wars theme on the title screen perhaps simple though relevant, better than some of those Roland games - Roland on the Ropes has the High Noon theme (Oh don't forsake me oh my darling!). Roland in Time always stands out for me though!  ;D
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Nah... Classic Axiens is so much better!