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[AMSTRAD CPC] Super Cauldron - Longplay & Review (Part 2 of 4 - World 2)
[AMSTRAD CPC] Super Cauldron - Longplay & Review (Part 2 of 4 - World 2)
9 March 2012, 8:22 am


Part 2 of the SUPER CAULDRON longplay, walkthrough and review! This is an awesome game on the Amstrad CPC! Apologies it's taken me so long to get back round to the next part of this longplay, it was last October/Halloween the first part went up! Axelino just this week put up excellent longplays of the previous two Cauldron games which reminded me that this part is long overdue! I promise to get the next parts done soon! Part 1 here in case you missed it - YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. So we're on to World 2 which is called "The Plain" I believe, featuring wastelands, ancient ruins and caves, rivers and spectacular waterfalls! 4 spells to collect, a boss to defeat to get a key, then through the caves to the exit to the medieval village ... which will be part 3! Enjoy! (c) Titus 1993 CPCWiki[/t]
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Finally catching up with older videos, missed watching those really...

Looks really great. My girl has been playing Alex Kidd on her Master System to death these past few weeks, and I can't stop thinking "damn, should have given her a CPC instead"...