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[AMSTRAD CPC] Target Renegade - Longplay & Review
[AMSTRAD CPC] Target Renegade - Longplay & Review
20 July 2011, 8:30 am


Target Renegade on the Amstrad CPC review and lonplay - the official sequel to Renegade but only for the home computers & consoles (this was not released in the arcades). Along with the original conversion these two games rank as arguably the best scrolling beat-em-ups on the 8-bit systems. Whilst perhaps doesn't look as nice as Renegade this gains marks for having a simultaneous 2-player co-op mode!! Brilliant fun. At the end of the video features footage of this in action! I did say 'scrolling' beat-em-up, well this moves screen by screen which is a shame and perhaps the only real negative, otherwise grab a friend and get your revenge!
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No doubt one of my favourite games. I played this far more than Renegade due to the 2 player mode. One thing I've noticed is that the music on Target Renegade is sometimes interrupted by the sound effects, while on Renegade it isn't. Both are impressive feats of programming skills.