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[AMSTRAD CPC] The Games Summer Edition - Longplay & Review
[AMSTRAD CPC] The Games Summer Edition - Longplay & Review
8 August 2012, 6:40 am


Review and longplay / walkthrough for "The Games : Summer Edition" on the Amstrad CPC! So onto my last look at 'olympic' themed multi-sport games on the Amstrad, we end on a fairly positive note! This is quite well put together and well presented, if rather varying in quality and style. I admit this is not an 'expert longplay' - there's no real goal to achieve in 1 player as per most Epyx sport games! So this is a little rushed to get this done before the London Olympics 2012 finishes, and I cannot be arsed to wade through the stupidly complex move diagrams for the rings and parallel bar events as shown in the instruction manual! So there ya go, hope you enjoyed these series of videos and the olympics! :D (c) Epyx / US Gold 1988[/t][/t]
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Wow, fantastic stuff! To think they did this in 1984 -oh, wait...