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[AMSTRAD CPC] The Real Ghostbusters - Longplay & Review
[AMSTRAD CPC] The Real Ghostbusters - Longplay & Review
21 August 2011, 9:50 pm


The Real Ghostbusters review and longplay on the Amstrad CPC. A conversion of the Data East coin-op which was based on the cartoon/comic book series (which itself was based on the hit Ghostbusters movie) I had a real nightmare making this longplay which will be explained within the vid! To add insult to injury it appears the commentary audio is slightly out of sync during the game but I *cannot* be arsed to re-edit (it shouldn't affect you understanding what I'm talking about) and just want shot of this damn game!!! Ho hum, I used to really love the Ghostbusters comics and cartoon, but all the hassle of getting through this mediocre game has somewhat spoiled those nostalgic memories for me! (c) Data East 1987 / Activision 1988 Disk dump (not working in WinApe) and cassette dump (working) - Disk dump that works up to level 10 -
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Was it speccyported ?
According to the tape loader with rasterbars perhaps ?

Doesn't look that bad.

Lets compare :

Arcade Original :

C64 :

ZX speccy :


At least the graphics were properly coded into CPC mode1 in "full 4 colours".

Backgrounds are in 4 colours eaither and no speccy clashes on our beloved CPC.

Also the game looks like being in proper 320x200 sized screen.

Can this be played in 2 player co-op mode ?

Why don't you put the 2 player mode in your longplays ?
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