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[AMSTRAD CPC] The Rocky Horror Show - Review & Longplay
28 October 2010, 3:15 pm

[AMSTRAD CPC] The Rocky Horror Show - Review & Longplay

From Richard O'Brien's stage musical ... to the movies ... and now onto your Amstrad! Yes, that perennial cross-dressing transexual deviant-loving popular rock 'n' roll musical made it's way to the Amstrad. And it was crap. Well I thought I'd do this as it's Halloween coming up. Not really 'proper' horror... the most horror I got out of this game (and movie) was forever being tortured by the "Time Warp" being played at EVERY university club night I ever went to, ever. ARGH! Still, its a fun movie and musical if that's your bag ... if you're a big fan you might get some enjoyment out of this game as they've done their best to get as much of the irrelevant black and sexual humour and campness into this game. (c) CRL 1985 cpc-power.com

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While on a trip to London i bought the game a long time ago in a compilation. Didnt have a clue what the game was about and it really didnt make any sense at first .. untill i watched the movie version later on.


Yes, it's a game that's a total disaster unless you're familiar with the source matter...

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