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Title: Xyphoe's Vids - [AMSTRAD CPC] Thunder Jaws - Longplay & Review
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[AMSTRAD CPC] Thunder Jaws - Longplay & Review (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1rqMGYJmZI&feature=youtube_gdata)
11 March 2012, 3:38 pm


Thunderjaws review and longplay / walkthrough for the Amstrad CPC! This is in fact an Atari games arcade coin-op conversion from Domark software, it seems very few saw and played the machine and even fewer knew of this conversion! The original wasn't a very good game at all, mostly being a James Bond themed Rolling Thunder rip-off - but they've done an 'ok' job on the conversion. Like Narc we looked at yesterday (which totally coincidentally turned out to be from the same programmer!) - nice presentation, below par gameplay although this is a little better. Well worth watching for a nice ending sequence though! (c) Atari Games 1990 / Domark 1991 cpc-power.com Arcade, Videogame, Pinball Machine, and Antique Coin-Operated History -- The (http://www.arcade-museum.com)[/t][/t]
From: Xyphoe (http://www.youtube.com/channel/Fji91gjx1g58cAMUnVs9qg) Views: 1 (http://gdata.youtube.com/static/images/icn_star_empty_11x11.gif) (http://gdata.youtube.com/static/images/icn_star_empty_11x11.gif) (http://gdata.youtube.com/static/images/icn_star_empty_11x11.gif) (http://gdata.youtube.com/static/images/icn_star_empty_11x11.gif) (http://gdata.youtube.com/static/images/icn_star_empty_11x11.gif) 0 ratings
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Title: Re: Xyphoe's Vids - [AMSTRAD CPC] Thunder Jaws - Longplay & Review
Post by: Gryzor on 15:40, 17 April 12
Hey, this looks quite nice. never seen it before! maybe not good enough for a full-price release, but on a budget label it would have been fantastic... Nice tune too, as you mention, and yeah, there's an ending, too!

Also: heh, scrolling and sprite movement are actually better than on the arcade!