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[AMSTRAD CPC] World Series Baseball - Longplay & Review
[AMSTRAD CPC] World Series Baseball - Longplay & Review
28 March 2012, 7:01 am


World Series Baseball review and longplay for the Amstrad CPC! I thought this would be fun and quick little video for today...maybe 10-15mins of gameplay over 9 standard innings of baseball..... how wrong I was!! Anyway this one of the very earliest sports games on the Amstrad in 1985, and at the time was one of the best about and very good. I remember having good fun with this but wasn't very good at it ... revisiting it years later it seems both myself and the computer have managed to master how to do home runs constantly!!! Resulting in the most ridiculous game of baseball ever!! What will happen if we exceed 100 runs seeing as the scoreboard only has room for two digits...?.... Lots of nice little touches in this game anyway, and is fun for a few minutes! I forgot to mention in the review that this isn't to the best of my knowledge an arcade conversion which Imagine software were doing a lot of at the time, there was a coin-op released in 1984 by Cinematronics with the same name, but there's no mention of this on box or instructions and looks to be entirely different. (c) Imagine Software 1985[/t][/t]
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Seriously though, how many knew about baseball back then? Not that the number is high now... :D