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[AMSTRAD CPC] Yie Ar Kung-Fu - Longplay & Review
[AMSTRAD CPC] Yie Ar Kung-Fu - Longplay & Review
24 March 2012, 4:27 pm


Yie Ar Kung-Fu arcade conversion to the Amstrad CPC - review and longplay. Oolong must fight 10 martial art masters before finally facing his clone and deadliest enemy Blues to win the title of "Grand Master" and honor the memory of his father. One of the 1st 1v1 fighters with a large array of moves and attacks.. this set the basis for modern fighting games, Street Fighter II owes a lot to this! This is almost an arcade-perfect conversion except for the fact that it's missing 3 of the fighters sadly :( I did attempt to try and do a perfect run, I didn't quite succeed but this is how you defeat the fighters which most are only susceptible to a 2 maybe 3 moves and it's up to you work this out! Only thing I didn't mention in the commentary is that the 2 player option is turn based just like in the arcade original (so you can't fight against a mate). (c) Konami / Imagine Software 1985 Arcade, Videogame, Pinball Machine, and Antique Coin-Operated History -- The[/t][/t]
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iDamn you man, I started watching the video without paying too much attention and with the TV on and I thought that the first scenes were from the CPC version! Thought to myself, "wow, this is pretty cool", so I started paying attention... :D

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The amount of times I had my ass handed to me by Blues in this game. Kudos to the reviewer for getting a perfect against him.

I actually really enjoyed this conversion, the only thing i think it lacked from the arcade original was it's speed. But it wasn't exactly Double Dragon slow either, so it didn't actually bother me once i got playing. Now if you want to talk about a slow 1v1 fighting game, check out the conversion of Street Fighter.

Oh Tiertex... i only wish i knew how you guys got so many arcade conversions given the messes you made time out of number. :(
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