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[AMSTRAD CPC] Zap'T'Balls : The Advanced Edition - Longplay & Review (World 1 of 4)
[AMSTRAD CPC] Zap'T'Balls : The Advanced Edition - Longplay & Review (World 1 of 4)
6 June 2012, 8:30 am


Longplay / walkthrough plus short review/commentary for Zap 'T' Balls - The Advanced Edition on the Amstrad CPC! Vastly improving on the original Zap T Balls with lots of new clever gameplay features, tons of levels and really clever graphical effects and programming! This is a stunning looking and playing PANG clone, that was released FREE into the public domain!! Requested by Misel982001, this video part is the first world - "The Cuddly Test World"! Further parts won't have any commentary or review, but are well worth watching!! (c) 1992 Elmar Krieger[/t][/t]
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Hi there!

Great, HUGE work again, many thanx. A little note though. ZtBAE was not Public Domain nor free. It was actually sold in a way very similar to the first computer games in the late 70s and early 80s in the States, where the developers sold plain disks in plastic bags hand-to-hand thru electronic's stores. I think Richard Garriott made his first little fortune by selling his first games this way. :P

Actually, this is also how Megablasters was being disrtibuted everywhere but in the UK.

So, the game was not allowed to freely copy, hense the "finger printer" owner ID and the serial number. :)

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