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Cholo's Vids - Tapper - Amstrad CPC

Started by NewsBot, 02:02, 05 December 10

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5 December 2010, 9:35 am

Just a quick play of the Amstrad Tapper game. Alas i fear that no one can longplay of this one as i just dont think it possible to finish the game. Simply isnt possible to send glasses fast enough to finish the game. Never managed to get any further than i did in this video. The problem is basicly that game changes speed depending on how many sprites are on screen. You cant just fling glasses, you need to send only full glass and if there is to many sprites it takes longer to fill a glass (aka you timing goes off and you may miss). Controls are disturbing heavy and again dependant on how many sprites are on screen. Audio is fairly simple and not worth remembering. Then there is the menu, that forget all settings every time you die (yes, you have to select joystick again and again. The "expert" mode is pretty much unplayable, to say it mildly, as you can see at the end of the video. Beginner mode is quite playable but i somehow doubt its possible to complete (someone please feel free to prove me wrong). It is a quite early arcade game conversion made by Amsoft themselves so i guess it isnt total unexpected that the game feels below average. Anyway it does look like the arcade game and has the same features and bonuses. To bad it dont play as well. 1986 by Amsoft
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