Author Topic: Xyphoe's Vids - [AMSTRAD GX4000] No Exit - Longplay & Review (HD)  (Read 468 times)

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It appears that the script that pulls in feeds from YouTube about new vids has stopped working and missed a load of mine. So here we go -


Enjoy! :)

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Well, apart from the low number of sprite frames it doesn't look half-bad to me... Rather cute, really. But I agree with the "demo coders" comment.

Thanks for bringing a relatively unknown game to us :)

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It looks like this is the guy who coded it -,36501/

Extract -

"While finishing his DUT informatique (Bac+2 in Bordeaux france), Daniel Polydore was offered to program as his degree company training at [/size]MDO[/color][/size] in Bordeaux. His first task was to convert [/color][/size]No Exit[/color][/size] to the Amstrad CPC platform. Afterwards, he worked on [/color][/size]Cougar Force[/color][/size], [/color][/size]Tiny Skweeks[/color][/size] and some demos. [/color][/size]Arnaud Delrue asked him not to use his real name in the game, so he is known as JB (Jeebee / James Brown)."[/size]

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My first Switchblade cart back in December 1990 had No Exit on it. Played it briefly, decided it was a load of rubbish and sent it back to Dixons for another Switchblade cart, this time that had Switchblade on it.

Probably be very collectable now but I don't regret it. Switchblade was ace and No Exit felt like a bad budget game.
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