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A Glut of software, manuals etc for new PCW or Gotek owners. Enjoy :)

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Some useful stuff for new PCW owners and/or new Gotek Owners:

First, a little background:

Back when I grew up in the UK I owned a stream of the typical UK 8 bit computers, starting with a ZX81 as a Christmas present.  The first purchased with more serious intent was an Amstrad PCW8256.  I loved the PCW but eventually had to give it away to a local kid in Swindon before emigrating to Colorado, USA.  After all, it wouldn't work here.  He got everything, including the external 5.25" floppy drive, software, manuals, printer, everything.  Lucky kid.

20 years later, in Colorado I am undergoing something of an attack of nostalgia and come across a good looking condition 8256 (US spec) on eBay.  It was not booting but powered to a green screen.  I suspected this was a bad floppy belt.  I haggled and got it for $120, including the printer, keyboard and about 30 CF2 discs.  Once I serviced the drive and replaced the belt everything worked perfectly.

I have since installed a ram upgrade and gotek floppy emulator.  The gotek didn't come with a USB thumb drive but the chap who sold it to me emailed some games and instructions and I was away.

I had to hunt around for more software, boot images and so on. Some of it was found here, some elsewhere and it was a bugger finding it all.  So, I am going to share what I found here.  Put these [CPM Boot] and [Games] directories on a USB and you too can use this in your own GOTEK.  I also found some productivity software, magazines, manuals and a Windows utility to create/edit .DSK images.

Secondly, I do have some questions:

A:  I want to add the 180K 3" A drive the GOTEK replaced as drive B:.  Partially for storage, nostalgia and so I can copy from disk to image on the GOTEK.
     I will create a separate thread for this.
     UPDATE:  I have added to an existing similar thread.

B:  I tried to create new CP/M boot images for 1.04, 1.12 and 1.15 by taking a .DSK image for 1.07 and replacing the .EMS file.  This didn't go so well.
     If anyone has working 1.04, 1.05, 1.12, 1.15 or 1.07H .DSK images to share I'd love to add them.
     I will create another new thread to discuss what went wrong.

C:  My PCW is a US spec model.  Most disk images I come across are for the UK spec machines.  The keyboard for the US spec machine is subtly different
    (a # where the sterling symbol is on UK keyboards for example).
    I will create a third new thread for this.

Lastly, and most importantly, a bunch of useful stuff for you.  What I've attached:

Zip Files to Share:

1)  Prebuilt blank 180K .DSK images for gotek:

    Got to store your data somewhere, generated these with CPCDiskXP.

2)  CP/M Boot Disk images for gotek (working):

     CP/M Plus book images I found on this forum:  1.01, 1.04,  1.07 (not H) and 2.09

     I created a pair of Start of Day boot images that boot CP/M 2.09 and automatically copies the necessary CP/M files to the M: drive and does a SETDEF
     etc.  It'll ask you to flip the disk to copy files off of side 2.  Puts all the utilities onto the M: drive for easier/faster access.

    Does anyone have an image for 1.05, the version supplied with the US machines?   A .DSK image would be very welcome.  Thanks.

3)  CP/M useful boot files:

    CPM Plus .EMS files from 1.12 (J12CPM3.EMS), 1.14 (J14CPM3.EMS), 1.15 (J15CPM3.EMT renamed to .EMS), 1.07H (J17CPM3.EMS).

    B180.FIB which can be used on later versions of boot disks to enable a 180K drive as B: I believe.

4)  Non-working CP/M Boot Disks images for gotek:

    These are CP/M Plus .DSK boot images I tried to create by taking a 1.07 .DSK file, removing the J17CPM3.EMS file and replacing it with the alternate .EMS
    file.  This caused a problem, the 1.04 disk generated will not boot at all.  The 1.14 and 1.15 images will boot but hang when mostly done, if I switch
    disks and wait for the abort/retry message, switch back again and press a key then the boot completes and works fine from then on.  I don't know why they

    Help or replacement images would be greatly appreciated.

    UPDATE:  I found the CP/M 1-04 images.  Thanks!

5)  [Games] directory with .DSK disk images for gotek with many games and also a [Games Documentation] with some Game Documentation/box art etc.

    The documentation is very incomplete for now.  I'll add more later.

     UPDATE:  too large to attach to post.

6)  Magazines:

    .PDFs of some 40 issues of the UKs 8000 Plus magazine.

    UPDATE:  too large to attach to post

7)  Mallard Basic:

    I found, but have lost the Mallard Basic listings as taken from the 80000 Plus magazine.  When I find them again I will supply these too.  They were
    in .BAS format, ready to load.

    UPDATE:  I can't find these :(  I'll update if I find them.

 8) Manuals:

    A Mallard Basic Manual in PDF form.  This one is for the PC version, if anyone has a PDF of the PCW version I'd very much appreciate it if they would
    share.  I tried to find a print version but they are rare on eBay and the shipping from the UK was ridiculous.

    The PCW 8256 manual in PDF form.

    A PDF version of a LocoScript v1 book.

    UPDATE: too large to attach to post.

9)  Productivity Software:

     Locoscript v1 and v1.2

     Arnor Protext disks.  Manuals in French...I would appreciate a PDF of the manuals in English if anyone has them.

     DBaseII disks.  Seems to run, but no manual.  Is there a PDF somewhere?

     LocoScript v2.16.  No manuals, any would be appreciated.

     PCW CP/M Utilities found from  I have not tried these, please read the web site.  CLOCK.FID
     ( is nice.  You need to set the time with a DATE SET command, where does that come from?

    UPDATE:  I found on the programming utilities disk.  Works like a charm.   I now have a working clock on the screen :)

     I would love to get some more PCW specific productivity software such as Supercalc, Locofile etc.  If anyone could share disk images and PDFs of the
     manuals so we can add them here I'd appreciate it.

     UPDATE.  see reply to this post, found a great deal of software.  Thank you.

10) Programming tools/books etc.

      The CP/M 3 (plus) Programmers Guide.

      Hisoft C manual in PDF. I would like the disk images for this if anyone has it (please).

      Any other disks and manuals for PCW specific programming packages would be appreciated.

      UPDATE:  Found a couple, thank you.

11) Utilities.

      Utilities to support the PCW or GOTEK images from the PC side.  I currently have CPCDiskXP this I use to modify/create PCW disk images.

      Any other useful utilities to add?

Running into issues with the attachment size, I need to break down some of the into smaller attachments.

Some of the the manuals etc are WAY bigger than the allowable attachment size :(


Productivity - Protext pt A:

Productivity - Protext pt B:

(Manual in FRENCH)


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