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Amstrad E3 Emailer Questions



Hi Dear Friends,
I have got Amstrad Emailer Plus. after I bought 2 amstrad E3 Emailers. because I think that linux can be installed on these devices. but it hasnt got original PSU adapter.
I have got 2 questions:
How can I install linux on E3 Email device. neither of them have their own power supply adapter. How many volts and how many amps do these devices work with?


Hi, how many volts does the e3 email device use?

The E3 power supply is model EM3002A and provides 33.5V, 200mA. The E2 and E1 power supply is model EM2001A and provides 28V, 280mA.centre positiveInfo is not from me but from a E3 Hacking Mailing List ... no guarantee ...

Sykobee (Briggsy):

Linux 2.6.16:

The hardware is very limited (as expected given the age), but it is a single-core ARM 9 TI OMAP processor with a bonus DSP that might be usable.

yes absolutely correct voltage values. I had Amstrad Emailer Plus. I bought him a 28 volt adapter. but 33.5 volt 200ma adapter is not something that can be found. I ordered a 12 volt 2 amp adapter from Istanbul. I ordered a circuit that will increase the input voltage, which we call step up, to 33.5 volts on aliexpress. but i can make this adapter like this. Amstrad Emailer Plus can't even install linux on my phone. but it is very enjoyable to see the Amstrad brand and its advertisements on the screen non-stop.


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