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amstrad emailer em 2001-auk Activation

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hi, i bought amstrad emailer plus last months. I was particularly interested in the sinclair zx game center inside. Of course I wouldn't have bought it if it wasn't for Amstrad. but since it cannot be activated, I cannot navigate through the menus and programs. The activation phone number was canceled in 2011. How can I use my amstrad emailer plus by activating it. Currently, only the demo image is rotating on the screen.

If it isn't activated you have a nice clipboard. They must never be reseted or you loose all fonctionnality.

this is bad news for me but at the same time its great clipboard. i love it :)

I have  2 nice clipboards : the second and 3rd model, the second one worked the first time I booted it AND it was activated as I could go to the parameters screen. But now when I switch it on I only have a grey screen...
The 3rd model came without alimentation, my fault it could be seen on the photo of the ebay selling...
I will have to try to buy another, I really want to use one as my phone in the basement.
Check this forum I found some times ago :


I wrote to the forum. maybe there is a way. because the forum administrator sent someone the e-mail address of the person who made the amstrad emailer device privately. there is a way. If I can activate this model, I might consider buying an Amstrad E3.


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