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Hi Dear Amstrad,

I will collect my questions about Amstrad NC in this topic. First of all, I have an Amstrad NC 100 portable computer. all my questions will be on the NC 100. If I get an NC 200 in the future, I will ask these questions in this topic. amstrad is truly a passion.

1-) The computer has a liquid crystal display. and it's just above the contrast setting. I don't know if this feature is missing on my device, but I can't see the screen in the dark. There is no light on the screen. My first question is how do we put light on this screen and how can we use it in the dark? Or can we replace it with a more modern liquid crystal display? frankly, making the lighting process is more important for me in order not to spoil its originality.

2-)While transferring data with Amstrad NC 100, we can transfer data with NC100.exe program over DOSBOX with a COM-USB cable. but can't we do this data transfer between Amstrad CPC and Amstrad NC? I have M4Wifi hardware as well as USIFACII hardware. I know that for example USIFACII does serial communication. then is it not possible to transfer data and files over USIFACII with the NC 100? Amstrad CPC can record and keep all Amstrad PCW data. It has the capacity to hold NC data. in this case the Amstrad CPC would be a complete workstation.

3-) How can we transfer data with NC100 with COM-USB cable other than DOSBOX? Can we see text files in windows in this case? that is, I want to see the list of files inside the device and install them on the windows operating system.

4-) We can communicate and transfer data from the serial port on Amstrad NC 100. So what can we do with the parallel port? Are there any projects done on parallel port? if a hardware was developed for the NC 100 it was via the parallel port?

5-) Are there any projects for amstrad NC 100 where we can use the USB stick directly from the serial port as a storage device? I think of such a project if it has not been done. Thanks to a raspberry pi zero, such an application can be made. It can also be done with arduino nano but I guess it can be quite difficult.

If you're in a dark room and want to see the NC100 screen, turn the lights on.  :laugh: There's no backlight built in. Replacement screens aren't available - one person did find compatible LCDs with better contrast, but that was 15 years ago.

I don't know what you're doing with DOSBOX, but it's certainly not required. Any serial terminal program can be used for file transfer on the PC side.
There is *no* way to connect the NC100 as if it was a USB drive and see the stored files on the PC. It was not designed for this at all. Theoretically you can plug the PCMCIA card into a PC and read it but basically nothing supports using SRAM cards that way these days, even on machines with the correct slot.
The printer port was designed to connect a printer, funnily enough, although it could be used for file transfer if you had the right cable. It's far more hassle than using the serial port and not worth the effort.
Remember that the NC100 was intended to be a complete replacement for a PC, not something to be used alongside one.

I also have an Amstrad NC100 and am currently developing a monitor/debugger for it.

My 2 cents regarding your questions below:
1-) I have spend a fair bit of time searching the web for a replacement LCD with backlight, unfortunately without luck.
2-) My main system is linux and I use a Serial Terminal program to transfer files to and from the NC100, either using the XMODEM protocol or play ASCII. Any Serial Terminal program that is able to send and receive files with XMODEM or ASCII will be usable to transfer files to and from the NC100
3-) See reply 2-)
4-) I believe the software used to transfer files over the parallel port was called LapCat, and you may be able to find specifications for a calbe, but then you would need a computer with a parallel port as well.
5-) It seems to me you would need to use an Arduino or Raspberry Pi to communicate on the serial port, on top of that you would have to write your own "driver" that would be able to tell the NC100 that there is storage attached and then intercept read/write to specific addresses and send it over the serial port. I have not seen such a project.

Be sure to let us know if you do find a working replacement for the LCD or any other fun stuff for that matter :)

Using an additional hardware on Amstrad NC, they built a system that converts the morse code signals coming over the radio into characters. Communication and additional equipment can be made from the serial port. If the appropriate software is made on the NC, why not make useful applications? For example, something can be done by connecting a small device such as a raspberry pi zero to the NC100 with a serial cable. or something can be done by connecting arduino nano or arduino uno. the business seems to be looking at creating innovation and taking the time. years ago, I made a visual simulation on opengl by connecting a car tachometer to the computer from the serial port.

I don't think anything is impossible after serial and parallel ports. The video below is an example of the LCD screen. They added a backlight to a non-light LCD screen and it was successful. When we use 8 LEDs, which are presumably NC100 superior, we get the color light we want. We can even change the light color. My hand is not prone to soldering, but very thin solder is not required. I think that by adding auxiliary equipment to work with the NC100 connected to the serial port, everything will be done and the LCD screen can light up. there is not impossible. only because the NC100 model was not very popular, there weren't many people who tried it. I think our problem is sum number of the NC User. because we have got a few users.  a small number of users cannot spare time due to professional life. Professional life and life of NC 100 users affect their time for new projects. I don't have a lot of time. but it can be done.

Liquid Crystal Display LED Backlight Mod

Gameboy Color Backlight Mod,


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