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Started by zzarko, 00:27, 21 January 19

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Hello and apologies, do not take it the wrong way nor do I want misunderstandings. I have never accused him of stealing material, far from it. What PCWWiki publishes is free and for everyone. I just clarified that a lot of material is from the PCWwiki, nothing more than a record. I don't want you to get angry, this is to share with everyone. I hope you haven't misunderstood me. And you are free to publish whatever you want and like. I haven't called him out on anything. Things can be misunderstood and it is not my intention. This has been a misunderstanding. My apologies. Greetings


Quote from: zzarko on 12:58, 14 February 22Regarding OrbQuest, it is currently unplayable. There used to be a SETTERM program for it, but it is not recovered so far. Someone managed to find out what the data inside TERM.CTL is (see last post here:, but again I do not know what the values for PCW should be. Game starts, but text output is bad.

The following TERM.CTL values seem to work for me, at least as far as starting the game on a PCW is concerned:

00000000   1B 78 00 67  0B CD 1B 4B  00 C1 77 D8  1B 59 00 C5  .x.g...K..w..Y..
00000010   E5 00 5C 1D  3A 00 02 D6  0D 00 00 01  01 20 00 21  ..\.:........ .!


I found that on many of these games, all that is needed to make them work on the PCW9512 is to rewrite the checksum in the boot sector to 01 instead of FF.

Previously, someone worked out that it's possible to boot from a PCW9512 disk, and pop the disk out as soon as it changes to the bar screen, and loads the boot sector, then to switch disks to the PCW8256 disk, and that would work, and the game could be manually loaded.

However while investigating, I noted that it was possible to just change the boot sector checksum, and then the 8256 disk was recognized as a 9512 disk, and the game would just load.

I wonder if it's worth rebuilding a lot of these images from 8256 to 9512 format so that people who download them can play them OK if they have a 9512?


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