Getting started with a flashed Gotek on a PCW8256

Started by MPhil, 19:09, 11 July 23

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Hi, I'm a complete novice hoping for some help with my PCW 8256. I've bough a Gotek from Simulant Shop flashed with FlashFloppy, and the cable adapter. I've reversed the power able and conneted the Gotek in the A: drive position which seems to be working (I've had a reverse the ribbon cable message a couple of times and I'm confident I now have everything connected correctly). I don't currently have a B: drive.

I've tried doadloading the games archive to a usb which can be read by the Gotek when the PCW is switched on. However I just get the green screen on the PCW without any message. Am I right I need a version of CP/M on this USB disk? Is there somewhere I can download it? I think I had v1.4 previously. Thanks in advance!


The PCWWiki comes to the rescue!  ;D

There you have all the system images.

The PCW does not have a full OS on rom, just the bare minimum to load one from disk, thus the need for a system disk.


Thanks for the reply! Do I just need to copy the .dsk files to the usb? I've tried copying just the CPM Plus .dsk and all four .dsk files to the usb and tested both on the Gotek without luck - just a green screen on the PCW. Is there anything else I'm doing wrong?


I'm not used to having a gotek drive on the PCW, but selecting the right disk image and mounting it should do it.

As soon as you have a system disk in the drive, it should start loading automatically.


Thanks - I'm up and running. Seemed to be a power connection issue.

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