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After several days of digging, reading about CP/M and plain trying various things, I think I now have the most complete archive of Amstrad PCW 8256 games to date. All games have been made autoboot, for easy usage with Gotek-equipped PCWs and with PCW emulators. If you are interested, the archive can be found at:

If you have some games that aren't in the archive (I know there are more), and you are willing to share them, please contact me.

Really cool pack.
Thank you.

Sebastian Blanco:
Cool thanks ! :D :D :D :D

Hi @zzarko , it would be nice to include a readme file with the list of sites you got the games from.

That way, people interested in knowing more will have a list of places where to start. Also, many people spend money and time buying, dumping and scanning all that software and it feels like basic courtesy just to credit them for their efforts.

Other than that, great work! Nice pack of ready to use PCW software!

I initially started with CPCGamesCD (, and I informed the author of that compilation. After that it was numerous forums, small collections and ftp sites, and I really do not know from where each file originated. To my defense, most collections had exactly the same dsk files (I checked with CRC checksum), and I have no idea who originally made them. Also, for all other collections (especially FTP sites), I didn't see acknowledgments, so it didn't occur to me to track origins of every file I downloaded.

I made clear that files were collected from numerous sources and didn't took credit for them. Files that are made by me are numerous autoboot dks files for games that didn't have them (of course, I didn't write CP/M files that are the core of those, but I think that is pretty obvious).

I have also spent money on my 3" disc collection, transferred them to dsk files and found that their files are the same as in other dsk files I found around. And I spent the time to make the compilation.

PCW section for CPCGamesCD is mostly made from, and I checked that ftp server for updates and found almost no PCW files. Also, most sites with PCW games that I found through Google do not exist anymore. Web archive had some copies, but mostly without files. So, even if I did record from where I got each file, that information would be outdated in a year or two, as sites come and go.

So, if  you have the knowledge of origins of dsk files, please share, as I do not.


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