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Amstrad PCW, Gotek HELP!



Greetings from Constantinople (Istanbul)
I'm going to install gotek as a 2nd floppy drive on my Amstrad PCW 8256. I will definitely continue to use a 3" drive. One of the features that makes Amstrad CPC and PCW computers special is the 3'' floppy disks. I bought one from china to wear a gotek. At the same time, I bought a gotek data cable and power cable from England. At the same time, I'm printing a gotek case from a 3D printer and it will appear on the led screen. I have a question I want to ask. We install flashfloppy software when using Gotek on Amstrad CPC. Do I need to install flash floppy in Amstrad PCW? Do I need to install other software for Gotek to run on PCW? Or is it enough for me to screw the cables into the case and then attach the led screen? so can i install programs from usb on pcw without installing any software on gotek device? As I said, by the way, gotek will be the second driver. I will still use locoscript and CPM as boot disk.

I would advice to install the FlashFloppy firmware, you can install an OLED display instead of the 7-segment LED display, a rotary encoder if needed and it works really well. Some neat features: You can copy a diskimage with just the buttons or rotary encoder.
In my PCW I have installed the Gotek as drive A, contemplating to add another one for drive B as I have literally two 3 inch disks and do not want to invest in that old technology  :)

thanks for your message. i inserted GOTEK Driver. but gotek is second driver for my PCW. I love 3'' discs therefore I still use 3'' driver as a first driver. because 3'' discs are soul of Amstrad CPC&PCW. at he same time maybe ZX 3+... but its funny time for me. I printed 3d case for Gotek. I loaded flashfloppy. I added new led screen and rotary control... and i bought gotek connecting cable and power cable from england for connecting to classical floppy cable. so shortly my first driver Amstrad  3'' driver and second driver is Gotek with modified structure.

My former drive A is converted to 'B' and sitting in the lower space but since it is just a single sided 40 tracks drive it is of not much use. Will have to try with another CP/M version to see if it will accept the B180.FIB file to make it somewhat usable again.It is not a necessary thing for me as I have my homebrew SIO and IDE adapter running fine with a 128 MB IDE DOM split into four 30 MB drives. The adapter also houses a ESP8266 based WiFi modem connected to the second UART in the Z80 DART/SIO chip. I made a loadable driver for that so I have a new serial device called WIFI


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