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Started by DoctorCPC, 13:20, 07 November 21

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If you have other images in B: that cannot be read, what images are they.  Can you attach one of them, so I can check it.   The B: drive should be able to READ an A: image, but it cannot WRITE one.   Apart from this, I'm not sure what the problem is that you're having.  But I'm sure we can sort it out.



On a real PCW, 180k 3" discs have 48tpi track spacing, and 720k 3" discs have 96tpi track spacing. So when a PCW detects a 180k disc in a 720k drive, it double-steps to compensate.
FlashFloppy on a Gotek usually assumes all disc images have 96tpi track spacing, so the double-stepping doesn't work. This page suggests a couple of ways to mark a disc image as 48tpi, so it can be read in drive B:

  • Convert to the HFE format, which can mark as disc image as having 48tpi spacing
  • Create a modified disc image where every track is repeated, so a 48tpi 180k disc image becomes a 96tpi 360k disc image.
Alternatively, you can use a program what I wrote: DLOGIN (from XLOGIN.PMA on this page) which stops the double-stepping behaviour - it was intended for 3.5" drives where 180k discs have 96tpi spacing, but may work on a Gotek device as well.



Thanks for this information.

Seems a bit wierd that the Gotek software would do things this way, but I suppose that Gotek doesn't know that it's working with a PCW system, and another system might need to do the double step?

I've never seen an image with the tracks repeated.   At least, if I ever do, I'll know why!

I've got your .PMA file, and yes, the original didn't come through, but the .BIN variant did.   I've unpacked the various items in there, and I see that the notes in the .DOC file is rather more positive about the DLOGIN files than your posting here was.

I've moved the .COM and the .FID files into Joyce, although I've tried the .COM version only so far.

I can report that it seems to be working fine.   I've now been able to access A: images in the b: drive without any problems, although I've tested only a few so far.

I've just sent a new B: image file to DoctorCPC, with the two files on, for him to see if they work on his PCW/Gotek setup.   If the .COM works, then I'll sort out with him about the .FID, if he wants to go that way, but he'll need System 1.7H for that.

I'll confirm how this story ends up.



Quote from: GeoffB17 on 23:52, 02 December 21Seems a bit wierd that the Gotek software would do things this way, but I suppose that Gotek doesn't know that it's working with a PCW system, and another system might need to do the double step?

How the Gotek does it (assume by default that all disk images have the same track spacing as the drive) is the most obvious and useful way to behave for nearly any system. It just doesn't get on well with PCWs, where the system software expects the same disk (image) to give different results in A: and B: - particularly difficult if both are identical Goteks!


I've now had confirmation from DoctorCPC that the does the trick with his PCW with the attached Gotek as B:.   He can now read CF2 images in his B: as well as the CF2DD that were working OK before.   So he can start sorting out his disks/files and get his A: (real) disks organised as he wishes.

I'll get the relevant files sorted out to attach here.  Save anyone else having to mess with the PMA archive.



works great as my gotek drive b. Thank you very much. especially after dozens of e-mail conversations with my dear friend Geoff, we solved this problem. Thanks for the FID software. Thanks to Richard. Also, Geoff was always there for me, a big thank you to him. it easy use gotek as a. but it hard use gotek as b. we solved... it works as b with CF2DD and CF2 images. and i can run apps and games from b and i can copy from b to a with disckit. everything is great...
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