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I used Amstrad PCW when I was 3 years old. I haven't been using Amstrad PCW since then.
In my Amstrad PCW 8256 computer, there is a 3'' driver as the first floppy drive and GOTEK as the second floppy drive. I can boot my computer with CPM and Locoscript. How can I format floppy disks on GOTEK on Amstrad PCW so that CPM and Locoscript can see it. How can I save my writings to the floppy disk on GOTEK after turning on the computer with Locoscript?
Can you give me a link for Amstrad PCW Apps, Games and etc.

I weared GOTEK for second driver. firs disc drive is 3'' discs. i love 3'' discs. I use GOTEK for Transfer and new apps. Do the files have to be in the root directory in the gotek? In Amstrad PCW, the folder is separated, can we log into the folders via gotek? how can i run apps from second drive gotek?


what I really want to do is to open my Amstrad PCW computer with 3'' floppy drive with CPM and Locoscript. then formatting the empty floppy disks on the second drive, GOTEK, and saving the texts here. My goal is to publish a book in 2022 written only with Amstrad PCW and Amiga.
How can i save my writes from locoscript to new DSK on Gotek? There is no format command on CP/M. instead there is diskkit command but it only sees drive A. It only works with drive A. By typing B: on CP/M I go to the second drive, but it shows the contents of drive A. what can I do?


I think I plugged in the floppy drive cable wrong. It does not see the floppy disk on CP/M or LocoScript.


I'm pretty sure either gotek is broken or a flashfloppy version is installed with a bug.

Hi. The fact that DISCKIT show the A: drive when you type B: means it does not think you have a B: drive.
The B: drive is a different format to the A: drive. On the GOTEK you need a DSK file (in the root) that is formatted in the correct way - ie double sided and double density.
I have a spare GOTEK so I will connect it as B: when I have time next weekend.
If I get it working, I will post the details here in a few days time.


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