Any list of compilers/apps that work fine under ZCN on the NC100?

Started by Baracus, 23:37, 27 June 22

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Trying to copy some files on the ZCN partition on my NC100 but nothing seems to work as expected, except the apps included in the ZCN zip archive.

Tried to use asm, load and DDT from the original 2.2 CPM disk and they do not work at all; and I am forced to do a hard reset. Tried BDSC 16 CC compiler and that one is also hanging or goes totally nut printing garbage when I try to compile a C program.
Even tried TurboPascal 3.01A and that one is not running either.

Is there a list of what is running on the ZCN build for the NC100? Or even better, a zip archive that contain working software? So far I was only able to run what is on the ZCN zip archive.


ZCN.TXT specifically calls out DDT/SID as incompatible with ZCN, and suggests WADE as a replacement. It also says programs that require large amounts of memory (and compilers are totally guilty of that) are likely to need to be run using BIGRUN, which has it's own section in the docs.


Yeah, a positive list or ZIP would be nice indeed.  :) --> Get the revolutionary FutureOS (Update: 2023.11.30) --> Get the RSX-ROM for LambdaSpeak :-) (Updated: 2021.12.26)


Thanks; I can try to collect those and make a list; but if someone else is already using ZCN with those apps, would be much faster to just get the zip file with their com files :)


BTW if you use ZCN and want to share your applications/compilers names (if it is a problem to share the actual application), that is fine too.

It is a bit time consuming to get the software, upload it via serial and then try it out; I wish I had more free time to do this but alas I do not. So anything that can get me closer to have a working list of what is actually running on the NC100 via ZCN would be awesome. And I assume there are others that would benefit from having such list


Many of the things I've had running on ZCN either come with it or are mentioned in doc/zcn.txt. But most CP/M programs which don't use disk BIOS functions, don't need more than about 45k, and can handle the weird screen size and non-standard control codes should be ok. There are exceptions to this, mostly related to the NMI handling where the power-off button does a jump to the middle of a filename (!), but not many. I remember nulu and kermit being programs I never managed to get working properly.

zcn.txt mentions Wordstar 4, BDS C, Mallard Basic, and obviously QTERM. I've also used Microsoft Basic, Turbo Pascal, zmac (a CP/M assembler called that), unzip, popcom, Wanderer, and ebasic and various games for it from cpmug disks 3 and 5 I think. (The Star Trek for that is a pretty good version, in particular.) Hitech C technically works but needs bigrun and is absurdly slow and unusable. And obviously my own programs work, like zcsoli and Scrolly NC/NC200.

I'm not sure what the issue would have been with BDS C and Turbo Pascal, as I say I've had those running.

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