Beside the gotek, what can be used to replace the internal NC200 floppy?

Started by Baracus, 21:09, 15 July 22

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My floppy sadly died today; it makes no noises, so the head is not even moving I think to try to read the disk, and then I see the message error that the floppy cannot be accessed.

Beside the gotek, which require some fiddling to make it work (and it would cost half of the price of the NC200); what are other options? I looked for the original drive model and there is not a single one for sale anywhere; and I have no skillset to open the drive and fix it since I never did it before.

Without the floppy drive you cannot use CPM since the device won't boot from the flash card, and even using a 1 MB ram card that won't work with CPMish I believe.

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Thanks; that is like the Gotek right? I thought that HxC was the software running on the Gotek; didn't know that there is also a hardware board called that way.

Is there any compatible floppy drive that can be used? The 2 main barriers to use those virtual floppy are the cost and the DIY part to make the interface, since the NC200 does not have a standard floppy connector


HxC is both - it's a whole drive emulator product that's been around for years before the gotek came on the market. Since the standard gotek firmware is pretty awful, the author of HxC started selling a port of his firmware to run on it.

There's also Flashfloppy which is a more recent open-source firmware, but HxC was definitely worth the extra ten bucks for me.

But honestly the gotek is the cheapest solution, even if you also get HxC for it. Just avoid all the scalpers that resell them for ridiculous markups; you should only be paying about US$25.


I see, it make sense now. I have used a gotek in the past for a DX7 keyboard; so that was the one I was familiar with.

For the connection is there anyone selling adapters? I can wire up something but it would be ugly for sure.

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