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Started by Sebastian Blanco, 22:48, 27 April 21

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Sebastian Blanco

Hi guys,

Well i like to build the PCW-IO interface from habi(
Considering how simple is just purchased a pic16F628A and started soldering.
To just try soldered a socket the PIC and a PS/2 port to test the keyboard function and used a floppy plug to the PCW keyboard, now i have problems programming the pic chip.

Have 2 programers a VS4800 and a G540 have different errors example, when loading the prueba.hex from the project the program complains that theirs no configuration options and i see this "configuration bits".
What ones i enable ?, because when i program it will fail to finish and i have troubles erasing the PIC.

If someone that is more experience in PIC programming can help me out on this  :o


This programmer (TL866 II plus) works without any problems. I used it to programme a 16F628A for a PCW-IO recently.

Hope that helps, Richard.
CPC464, CPC6128, PCW8512, PCW10, BSA & NSP

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