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Can HxC be fitted to PcW?

Started by BluesBrothers, 13:21, 26 December 16

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Sorry if this has been asked before. I have a "Joyce" pcw that has been waiting for me to add another drive for quite some time now, and as it's Christmas, I started thinking what projects I could do.
So I'm wondering will HxC work with Joycey and what would I need? I have never so much as clapped eyes on one before so know literally bugger all about it


I don't see any reason why a HxC would not work. But not having a PCW, I can't help with specifics.
Normally floppy drive systems support 2 drives (IBM type floppy bus, the type that has the twist in the cable) or upto 4 (if the hardware of the computer supports it) for the earlier Shugart bus. The CPC uses the Shugart bus.

HxC will work with either bus  :D

With both, you normally use a ribbon cable with one or more drive connectors. With the Shugart bus, selection links / jumper shunts select the address / drive number that the unit responds to. The IBM system instead twists the cable, which does the same thing. The HxC has links that can select the drive number.

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Some time ago, I found a forum connected with the HxC system, and somewhere in there was one or more thread regarding this.   I think someone DID get this working, but I'm not sure.   It was not very clear just what they'd done, and I never got around to following it up.

You might try looking for that



Quote from: BluesBrothers on 13:21, 26 December 16
So I'm wondering will HxC work with Joycey and what would I need?

Yes, it will work; in fact, that's how I conduct my experiments. :)

You can just use the same guide as for a Sinclair Spectrum +3 or an Amstrad CPC, same data and power connectors.

In this video you can appreciate one of my setups; the HxC is near the small monitor (without case, of course :p) with a pendrive plugged:


(Deleted post)


Should Jon's post above be in the "PCW256 expansion port pinout" thread?

Looking forward to summer in Somerset :-)


Yes, sorry, asleep at the keyboard again..


Ah ok thanks for taking care of it :)

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