Author Topic: Can my PCW live again? Gotek / FDD query!  (Read 5679 times)

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Re: Can my PCW live again? Gotek / FDD query!
« Reply #25 on: 23:55, 10 July 20 »
Hi all,
Sorry for bringing an old topic back to the top of the pile. But hoping it stops someone trying to work out the same issue I was having.
I ended up on this topic as there was a lot of back and forth about trying to get a gotek to work on this machine.
I was searching high and low on why i couldn't get my gotek to work in my pcw8256.
It was going through the motions of selecting a file and then sitting at sector 1 (or whatever it is showing on the led display).
The green light wasn't showing either.

Turned out I had a header missing. needed one on the MO pins.
So if anyone else is seeing this in the future. For drive A jumpers S0 and M0. Drive B i'm assuming it'll be S1 and MO.
Really hope this stops some unnecessary hair pulling out for someone.