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Christmas time! Tetris PCW as a gift.

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Hey hey
I give , totally free*, Tetris for amstrad PCW in "loose" condition, just original disk and original cover, no crystal box. just like the pic on this link:

It's not an auction, the first who say "I want it" by reply get it.

*for Europe only.(I'm french)
I don't have a PCW, so I can't test it. no return policy, or refund of postal charge for outside of Europe.

Nice of you... thanks :)

arnoldemu wants it ;) (I'm pretty sure) :)

Gryzor: you are the fisrt to reply and because you don't write "I want it" : Do you want it?
If yes: it's yours.

 :) If not, the gift is always available to the fisrt who say "I want it"

I was just complimenting :) Yes, I want it, but I got no PCW so it'd better go to someone who can actually use it instead of ogle at it.


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