convert NC100 basic code to stand alone apps?

Started by Baracus, 03:50, 02 July 22

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This may or may be not worth at all, but I was wondering if there was any compiler for basic code for the Nc100.

On Dos there were some basic compilers that would produce an exe; which would make the code run faster than while running in basic and be standalone. Is this something doable with the NC100 or is not even worth, and it is better to just use basic as is or directly ASM?


The NC series use BBC Basic. Sadly there's no Z80 compilers for it - a real shame as it's a great language and has a CP/M Z80 implementation too, which would be lovely to have a compiler for.


Is there a tutorial about how to write ASM for the NC100? The manual just mention that the basic is the same as BBC, so it can use ASM mixed up with basic, but offer no real examples.

Running basic programs as way to run ASM applications would be an alternative; although I heard that you can actually output a bin file somehow from basic, if you write your application in ASM.

Problem is, nobody seems to have any sort of link or tutorial that show how this is done


There's the official manual for BBC BASIC (Z80) here:

It's specifically for the CP/M version, but most of it will be directly applicable.

Also read

That book has a lot of example programs with integrated assembler sections and a fairly detailed description of how to use the assembler itself and interface with the NC100 firmware.

Working with binaries is almost certainly more trouble than it's worth; it's a lot easier to store everything as basic programs and assemble on program start.


A lot of the information from the Advanced User Guide is also available here:


Thanks to both; the BBC basic manual is the one I was using; it has few examples but not much more than that, so I tried to extrapolate info from it and failed to get the "skeleton" for actually running an application that embed ASM in it.

Will check the advanced user guide; and that link from Jimmyd is also very useful; lots of info compressed for easy digestion :)

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