CP/M Now Officially, beyond confusion, FREE... Go forth, copy and distribute :)

Started by cj7hawk, 13:18, 17 July 22

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The ambiguity in the license has been resolved. CP/M is the new LINUX, as in New being the New Old, Or the Old new,  or maybe that should be colour or something, but let's not ignore this wonderful email granting license to the world. Thank you Bryan Sparks :)

It's been a long time coming, but might this make CP/M the oldest Open Source operating system available?



Note that this only applies to the components with a Digital Research copyright (PIP.COM, SET.COM, HELP.COM etc.). Components with an Amstrad or Locomotive copyright (EMS / EMT files, LANGUAGE.COM, SETSIO.COM, BASIC.COM etc) can't be freely distributed.

In the light of this update I've bestirred myself to update PCW16 CP/M to include genuine Digital Research CP/M rather than the workalike components I'd used up to now. This means it no longer needs to have a separate startup disc that's had the necessary components copied onto it from an old-style PCW. It also means that the PCW16 is now the only PCW with a reasonably complete CP/M that can be freely distributed.

I've also simplified the build process so it doesn't need to copy files to and from a real floppy disc.

This is, in some ways, the distribution I should have made for SD Microsystems back in 1999 when I first created PCW16 CP/M. Still, better late than never, I hope.

The only changes from 1.01 are the minimal ones necessary to support using genuine Digital Research CP/M.

You can find the 1.02 release and source code at <https://www.seasip.info/Cpm/software/>.

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