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Started by JohnElliott, 01:57, 09 January 21

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Just looking through my desk, I came across a printout of a PCW PD catalogue from (probably) 1994 or 1995. I then found the original source files on my hard drive, so uploaded them at https://www.seasip.info/Unix/Joyce/pcwpd_catalogue.html .

If anyone's got catalogues from other libraries (such as the long-departed PCW Software Library) it might be nice to get them scanned and online. I fear my paper copies have long since vanished.


Thanks for sharing, interesting read :)



Don't know if this is of any relevance here.

Way back, I got quite a few PDSL disks - that's from the Public Domain Software Library.  I still have most of the original disks, and as I use them, they still work fine.

The first few (late 80s) are formatted for the Epson TF-20/QX-10.  Later ones are formatted for my PCW BOX 5.25" disks, i.e. a 360k variety.   Most of these batches are CP/M, C, BASIC, utilities etc.   Later batches are PC format, incl HD and 3.5" disks, these are all mostly PC software.

Obviously, for current use, the disks can be copied and packaged as a .zip file, things are so much easier.

The older disks still have a note indicating the original catalog designation, some of the later ones do not, merely text indicating the contents.

If it would be any use (to anyone) I could construct a listing of the disks I have, with a brief note of contents.

I don;t think any of this was specifically Amstrad or PCW.



In general any preservation effort is worth it I'd say, but isn't it archived anywhere else?


Just noticed - there's a new thread on the VCF (Vintage Computer Federation) regarding the SIMTEL archive of CP/M etc software.  There's a link to a site where indiv disks can be downloaded, and reference to a complete CD (350Mb ?).   There are index files there re the contents of the disks, but on the basis of the numerous SIGM disks that I've got, the general description of the files is not always helpful.  Most are OK enough to be useful.


Don't know what else is on this site?



Re the thread on VCF, someone says he has all the original disks for SIGM.   He's just updated that to say the box of disks includes other Shareware archives as well.

He admits that he needs to catalog what he's got!


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