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Danish NC100 ob DBA.DK

Started by robcfg, 23:21, 29 November 11

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Hi everybody!

CpcManiaco brought this to my attention:

I didn't knew that there was a Danish NC100 and it would be nice to get it, scan it, scan its PCB, dump the rom for the MESS emulator...

So, could any of our danish fellows here help me get it? Obviously I'd pay the item, the shipping within Denmark AND the shipping to Spain.

Please, please, pleeeeeeeease!  ;)


110 euros... ouch.

Very interesting, that they should produce a special edition for such a niche machine, for such a small market...


It seems rather expensive.

I've often thought about trying out one of these, but never been able to find any "usefulness" for me. Unlike the CPC which can be used for many interesting and fun stuff, I can't spot anything fun or interesting to do with an NC100....


I do agree is rather expensive, but then again I haven't seen any other like this one.

Anyone with a DBA.DK account willing to help me?  ;D

Edit: I forgot! I can have it sent to Germany too as this Christmas I'll be visiting my grandmother. Maybe it's cheaper....


Well I'm in Denmark. I've just sent the seller an SMS bidding a lower price.


Many thanks!

If you manage to arrange a deal with the seller, tell me and I'll transfer you the money. Then we can talk about sending it out of Denmark  ;D


QuoteVery interesting, that they should produce a special edition for such a niche machine, for such a small market...
Actually a lucrative market : corporates guys who need such device.   


I got it for 78 euro including shipment. Already transferred the money to seller, so now waiting for it to arrive. Will probably take at least a week, since he'll be waiting for the money to arrive before sending and such.
Looking forward to checking it out. Have always been curious about these, though doubtful I'd find it interesting. Nice to be able to take a look at one without actually buying it.  ;)


Wow, Thanks so much!

Take your time to check it out, I'm in no hurry  8)

When the package arrives and you can ask for the postage either to Spain or Germany, tell me and I'll send you the money right away. Of course, if you prefer that I send you the money you already paid, I'm a private message away.

Ohhhh, I'm quite happy today! First this, and then I got a couple of games in which I worked on.  :D


One stone, two Amstrad enthusiasts. Yay :D


Good you got it down in price  ;) 800 dkr was waaaay to much (still ive seen worse too).


The NC100 has arrived, and I've tested it briefly.
Everything is in danish, not just the keys, but also all programs and instruction manual.

Where should I send it?



I'm sending you a PM.

Thank you very much!


Do take a couple of close-up, high-res photos :)


Quote from: Gryzor on 18:15, 07 December 11
Do take a couple of close-up, high-res photos :)
I don't have a good camera for that, sorry.


Quote from: Gryzor on 18:15, 07 December 11
Do take a couple of close-up, high-res photos :)

Don't worry! You'll have my nice 300dpi scans of the unit, the PCB and also the ROM dumps. Eventually the manual will be scanned too  ;D


300dpi? Pfffft!
Just kidding - thanks! :D


Do you have a scanner? You can get some pretty good images of small PCBs by scanning it :) Although I would be very suprised if the hardware was any different than the standard NC board. Other than the ROM Image and the Symbols on the keys it should be identical.



Indeed I expect no surprise, but there's always room for surprise.

The nice bit there is obviously the rom content. Soon on the CPCWiki and the MESS emulator  8)


Hi, folks!

My mother has kindly informed me that the Danish NC100 has safely arrived in Germany  8)

Thank you very much, Mr. Lou!


Anytime.  :)

It was nice to have an opportunity to check it out for myself.


Have you already dumped the ROM? I would love test it on an emulator...
Nilquader of SPRING


Yes, you can get them in the downloads section of the nc series page.

They are now officialy supported in the latest version of MESS.


Dear mr_lou. Can you still help with DBA.DK account? I have some tickets 10pcs full festival to sell in DK i would share % with you. Easy job. Please PM

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