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« on: 13:00, 26 February 17 »
I'd like to present my latest contribution to the PCW Wiki, the eponymous granddaddy of all database software dBASEII!

This truly was a labour of love to get this all to this point, not least getting the manual (all 488 pages of it!) scanned, processed and stitched together.  I've split up the files in to a number of handy ZIP files, which I've stuck on my Google Drive for people to download:


Hopefully all of you can access all of these files, although any problems do let me know.  I've included as much information as I can and hopefully this will be of some use to someone.  Whilst I know there are other versions of dBASE II for the PCW floating out there, this is the most recent version that I've ever come across.  In addition, I've never come across any manual for dBASE II, neither for 8080 or 8086 systems, so hopefully this will mean we've now got a copy of the manual preserved for people who might like to check out this groundbreaking piece of software.
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« Reply #1 on: 13:32, 26 February 17 »
Hi greatwolf1283

Thank you very much in the name of PCWWiki

We will make a mention

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« Reply #2 on: 17:07, 26 February 17 »
In case it adds anything to the above..

When it was released for the PCW, I bought a copy of the package then published by First Software back in 198?  This came with the system on one 3" disk (both sides I assume), that version was labelled as v2.41.   The package came with a full manual (looks like it was photocopied from an Ashton Tate original) in a ring binder.   I also have a little folded card 'Quick Reference' of the command syntax.

Separate from that, obtained from ??, I also have two 5.25" disks containing version 2.43*.  It may be that version that I've got installed on my PCW.

Again separate, I downloaded a number of dBase programs from PD archives, which again I have filed on 5.25" disks.   Can't remember what sort of things are there, some extra utilities, some business/accounting type things.

As far as my previous employment as a programmer is concerned, I think that by the time I started in 1989 we had already gone on to dBase III+, then into compilers (QuickSilver and then Clipper), so in the end I never did too much with dBase II but a lot of the basics remains the same.

I also have a copy of DBC, which is supposed to be a compiler for dBase II, which does work, but it's barely any faster that the interpreted version, although it does work without the main system.   I cannot find any docs for this system, and there are some command line parameters that I do not understand, which MIGHT allow for a faster .COM file.   I remain interested in finding this out.

By the way, DBC was published by the company who subsequently produced the QuickSilver compiler for dBase III+ noted above, but they were beaten out of the market by the success of Clipper.

Anyone interested in dBase/Clipper/etc, please contact me.


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Also, thanks very much from a CP/M addict user with a CPC

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Nice one!