Does anyone have a copy of CP/M Flipper for the PCW?

Started by Richard_Lloyd, 23:19, 22 November 21

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Hello all.

There are references to a piece of software for the Amstrad PCW called Flipper which allows two application sessions and gives the ability to 'flip' between them. I've tracked down the manuals on the Internet but not the software itself.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.
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Yers, I have a copy of Flipper - I think I got it from this forum/Wiki archive.  Just checked my disk, and I note it's version 3, not sure if it's important which version you find?

I messed about a long time ago with it, got it installed, had it working.   It did work.   The system was designed for swapping between CP/M and Loco, but it could be used for swapping between other things, just depends on the memory requirements, how much RAM you've got, and how much you want to or need to allow for each application.

I really didn't need to swap back and forth between things, so it wasn't really worthwhile for me.

I can send you what I've got, or try to find the link to the system that's on the Wiki (I'm sure).




An update.

I've found the original files that I got, some time ago.

I've got 3 files.   FLIPPER8.DSK, FLIPPER9.DSK and FLIPPER.ZIP

Not sure where I got them from now, I think NOT from the Wiki.   Someone else maybe sent them to me?

The two .DSK files are installed images of boot disks, one for 8xxx machines, and one for 9xxx machine.   Both set to 'flip' between Loco and CP/M.

The small .ZIP file contains the actual FLIPPER software, and some limited docs.   The actual software is deceptively small.

As I noted, this is Flipper v3.   I think this contains some extra features over earlier versions.



@GeoffB17 Brilliant. I don't have a 9xxx machine but I wouldn't mind the other two (or all if it's easier to send the lot).

Cheers, Richard.
CPC464, CPC6128, PCW8512, PCW10, BSA & NSP


OK - files attached.

I traced who sent them to me back in Sept 2017.   Thanks J.

I've sent just the .ZIP, which is everything really, and the .DSK for 8xxx machine A: drive, which is just a demo really.


Some info:


Flipper 3 (In German but use the translate option - only takes a few seconds)


CPC464, CPC6128, PCW8512, PCW10, BSA & NSP


Hello everyone, I have yet to finish making the dsk images and retouching the flipper manuals. But I upload the version v2.11 that I already had. Greetings

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