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Started by GeoffB17, 19:19, 17 February 16

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Anyone know anything about the EMR Midi interface for the PCW.

I have a leaflet about a version for the Spectrum from YEARS back, and I think there's mention of one for the PCW as well.

At present, just interested to know how it was done.   I assume something on the expansion bus on the back?  I assume some software as well???

Midi is just serial data, in/out, but it's a non-standard baud rate, 32K (about) rather than 19k or 38k.

I've seen some technical info about PCW I/O ports, and the device is mentioned there re using two ports (? &A0 and &A1) for midi Status and midi Data - but I've also seen some mention of something else conflicting with this??

I do my midi playing via one of my PCs which has a Roland LAPC-I card, so no plans to use PCW instead.  Just technical interest.


Geoff Barnard

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