GOTEK adapter for the PCW9512 ( and possibly PCW9256 ).

Started by cj7hawk, 18:01, 10 February 22

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Hi All,
Thought I'd share this in case it helps anyone else. I designed a new housing for the PCW and released it under Creative Commons non-commercial for others to make for themselves.
Benefits of this model is that it is thicker than most, prints up very solid, and has a recessed USB slot and provision for the selector dial, as well as a 45 degree display mount so that you can ready it more easily while sitting in front of it, regardless of how close you are to the drive.

A few others had mentioned that a lot of the free designs were a little thin, so happy to provide an option to others in case they want to make their own.
Link to zip file of STL.
It's still a beta design, so please provide feedback if you make one and have any issues with the install or any suggestions.

Thanks again to the community for sharing -



Nice design with 45 degree screen, I like it!

One suggestion, though I do not know is it doable with screen at angle like that, is to maybe swap encoder and screen positions, something like this (model isn't mine, I just used it for 6128+):

That way longer USB drives would not interfere with the encoder.
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Everything is "doable" but the main reason for recessing the display is readability, and it it's in too far, too close to the top, then you lose angle, but at a slighter angle ( eg, 30 degrees ) that might work. The intent was also to push the encoder in a little way - around 10mm - so it doesn't stick out as far, which gives it a much lower profile and doesn't feel like it's sticking out and in the way of things that it might hit.

The original design was for the Spectrum+3 so would probably fit the 6128, and with the floppy down and low to the right of the keyboard, I found the flat display less than ideal, but as the model changes, so too do the requirements.

I haven't see too many 6128's and have never seen the plus, but it looks like there is room there to bulge outwards and push the display out and on an angle, which would work OK, and would be possible with the below.

The design work isn't too bad. Making it work right is the challenge. Other people were talking about breaking their printed adapters for the PCW, so I thought I'd adapt the Spectrum one I had, which is very strong.



I might be wrong but I *think* the 9256 and also the 9512+ both use a different pinout for the floppy so might not work without an adapter.

I just used support cables to adapt the wiring but it's quite different.

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