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Started by sucram, 21:44, 25 March 15

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Hello eyerybody!

as I have seen, the Gotek runs on a CPC:
Gotek USB in a CPC6128

So I bought one for the PCW, Type: SFRM72-FU-DL
With the DSKIMA program I have created IMG-files from DSK-images and  stored them on a USB-stick in a folder named IMG720.
The Gotek floppy emulator I have connected as drive B at the PCW.
The power connector I have connected in reverse.
The data cable I created initially as described here:

That does not work, the PCW do not boot any more.

So I changed the data cable. Now it looks like this: (as described for the CPC)
Also the jumper I set like described for the CPC: (
Now the PCW boot again, but only drive a is detected.

The DSKIMA program I could only convert CF2-images, no CF2DD-images.

Does anyone have any idea what I need to do to make the drive to be recognized?


Meanwhile, I have attached an external power source and set a jumper to JA  to generete READY signal, but nothing changes.


It works on CPC because amsdos has support for ibm type floppies, while pcw has no rom at all. I think you would need to flash a new firmware to your gotek to make it work.  You can ask @Jeff_HxC2001 how's development going on.


Many thanks for your answer. So the CPC can use the Gotek only with Amsdos and not with CP/M?


For the CPC there is no issue, as the pcw needs to boot from the floppy it is an issue however.
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Hello. A bit on PC drives: :)

PC drives normally comes prepared to work as DS1 (B), so if you want they to work as DS0 (A) you must modify them or alternatively interchange DS0 and DS1 at the cable (the twist you can see in the PC cables is for this unit selection, instead unit modification).

You can't have two DS0 or DS1 units on the same cable, because they interfere each other. On the PCW it's the units that comes prepared to recognise the signal DSx, so you can modify them or interchange the signals.

Take care on boot, though. PCW only boots from A, and you must use a 720 KB image, not a converted 180 one. Some boot games (like Opera ones) work if written in single step (the bootloader always do single steps), but CP/M won't work because once the CP/M loader has done his job and the CP/M gets started, the BIOS detect a 720 drive with a 180 disk, so it attempts to read it using double steps (and also only one side, but that's not the point).

Said all this, the PCW works perfectly with a Gotek drive; unlike the CPC, it's always in "IBM mode" (sectors starting in $01 instead of $41 or $C1), and also using 9 sectors instead of 8 (like a real PC). I recommend the READY modification as some software expect it.



That's right! A real Ready signal is important. So CPC and Gotek should have no problems using IBM format (Sektors &01 to &08). Could be used as kind of test.  :)
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Uhm not sure if I missed something but what's the solution? Just fitted a second Gotek as ,,B drive" and now my PCW won't boot anymore. I know others are running a dual gotek setup so it's gotta be possible?


Silly me! Had the ribbon cable connected the wrong way round, thus disabling both drives. Meh.


Hello all this is my first post, just wanted to say i relate to this thread as just put Gotek in an 8256 i rescued from the tip some years ago and have not been able to keep the original drive A as B because with both Gotek and B drive fitted the PCW seems to want to read from both drives at boot and this prevents boot. After reading around i understand its possibly a Gotek firmware issue thanks to the PCW drive select operation but im happy to be corrected on that. Also had a problem with write protect on the mechanical drive as replaced the drive belt and had no idea about the drives write protect pin which became lost so had to make a new one. Didnt expect that as thought even in mid 80's the write protect mechanism would be optical but oh no lol not all the time haha!

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