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Graphics extension GSX for turbo pascal for pcw 8512

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Hi good afternoon.

where can you find the Graphics extension GSX on the dsk or where can you find it for the pcw?

i would like to try something with turbo pascal in graphics for pcw 8512.

thank you


Did I ask you a while back if you had the manuals for the PCW (8256/8512)?  I'm not sure if you replied.

Checking my CP/M manual pages 60 etc I note the following.

The GSX system is on side 4 of the system disks, and comprises:

GSX.SYS, ASSIGN.SYS, GENGRAF.COM, DDSCREEN,PRL, DDFXLR8.PRL, DDFXR8.PRL, DDHP7470.PRL (this last one may be on Side 3).   GSX needs to access them all to run fully, but some of the .PRL files are more to do with printers.

I'm sure we can find some info on the web for the actuality of installing/setup.   Incl something re Turbo Pascal.   There may be something in the HiSoft C I have, also I have the Digital Research DR Draw package here which certainly uses GSX, and I had that all working fine a LONG time ago.

I'll remind you that I mentioned the WalBASIC system which installs a graphics extension onto Mallard Basic which covers dots/points, lines, but GSX has facilities for solid fills as well, it all depends on just what you want to do.



thank you I found the walbasic.
it's not what i'm looking for in graphics.

thanks for the info for the gsx.
let's see if I can get it to work with pascal.

the graphics for the pcw are always without source code.
i want to do some things myself.


There's a package here (attached) for a game for the PCW using Turbo Pascal and GSX.   You may find this useful?

The .zip file contains the files for the game, and GSX, but does not include the files for Turbo Pascal (I think there is a CP/M version 3 about, I may even have a copy somewhere here but I've not used it).   The .zip also includes a .DSK file with most of the same stuff in.

All done by someone in Germany?

Any help?


I've checked now, and I do have a copy of CP/M Turbo Pascal 3.  I think that the version I have is already configured for the PCW, but the files include TINST which is the installation process.

I referred above to GSX including fill patterns, I'm not sure that this is the case.  I think that the original screen driver DDSCREEN.PRL as supplied with the early PCWs did NOT support this, it was a VERY cut down version.   However, the subsequent release of the DR DRAW package included another version of this driver, and this version maybe DID support fill patterns?   I'm sure I remember references to using the version supplied with DR-DRAW rather than the version originally supplied by Amstrad.  Over the years, this later version has become widely available and may be the one included on later PCW disks.  Or is my memory playing tricks on me again??



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