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Title: Invulnerability in Head over Heels
Post by: jamesots on 15:59, 19 November 17

My 6 year old son was having difficultly playing Head over Heels on the PCW, and asking me to play all the hard parts for him. So I worked out a hack which stops you from being able to die. It makes the game rather too easy for me, but he seems to be enjoying it. It still plays the dying sound when you would have died (and if you're standing on something which kills you, it makes a buzzing noise as it keeps trying to start to play the dying sound), and you can't change rooms at the same time as dying (such as when you're in a large room and you're walking on spikes). I imagine there will be some places in the game where you might need to die if you do something wrong, to reset things, so it might actually make parts of it harder. I'll see how far he gets.

Here's the hack:

Edit the HEELS file.
Replace the bytes starting at 2B31 with AF 32 E2 4B 32 E3 4B C3 F7 29.
Replace the bytes starting at 29F1 with 00 00 00.
Title: Re: Invulnerability in Head over Heels
Post by: GeoffB17 on 17:26, 19 November 17
Hmm, useful to know, thanks very much.

Are the addresses from offset 00, or from &H100?   I'd assume the former?

Always a help to note the original bytes, just as a check.

Title: Re: Invulnerability in Head over Heels
Post by: jamesots on 01:02, 20 November 17
These are offsets from 00, the start of the file. Having the original values would be useful, as I think I got the second location wrong, although I can't be sure now as I've overwritten the original file! I think the second location should have been 29F4, but perhaps not. Anyway, as I suspected, invulnerability turns out to a bit of a double edged sword — there are several places where you can get stuck if you make a mistake and can't die.

A more useful hack is to replace D6 01 27 at 2B4B with FE 00 00. With this hack you can still die — you just don't lose any lives when you do.
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