pcw 8512 B drive differences

Started by geebus, 17:37, 05 August 20

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Quote from: PCWPIP on 01:38, 06 November 20
Oh, and the earlier versions of CP/M, that don't look for FID/FIB files don't have this issue?

  • FID support is in 1.07H, and (roughly) 1.09 / 2.09 and later.
  • The drive detection code that causes the Gotek such trouble is in 1.11 / 2.11 and later.
  • FIB support is in 1.14 / 2.14 and later.
That's why people tend to use 1.07H if they need to use an unmodified Gotek -- it supports device drivers such as hard drives. But for a 180K drive B:, you need 1.14 / 2.14 or 1.15 / 2.15, so you need a modified Gotek.


Seems my gotek came pre-installed with flashfloppy firmware, cool :)

I'll have to see if the configuration changes will negate the need for a hardware mod.

UPDATE:  I made the configuration file changes and.....CP/M 1.15 still hangs on boot.

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