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Title: Know anything about CPCTRANS
Post by: GeoffB17 on 21:38, 07 September 15
I'm trying to use CPCTRANS, and having trouble.
I've used the prog before, and I'm sure I did once get it to create a disk from a .DSK image, but now I cannot get a result.
I've got the CP Software 3-d Clock Chess prog for the PCW.   But I've no longer got a 3" disk, so I cannot use the disk I have.   I've just found a .DSK image on the web, and I've downloaded it.   I've looked in the image file, and it seems to be correct - filenames anyway - although I do note that the sector numbers are not correct for the PCW, but I think they are in the range for 'System' format.
I try the image in Joyce emulator, and that doesn't like it.
I've tried to copy the image onto a 5.25 floppy.   I've tried with the floppy not formatted, and also formatted (using 22disk and a SS 180k format).   I'm sure that when I DID get the process to work once before, it was with an unformatted disk, and CPCTRANS came up and said the disk was NOT formatted and did the format as well.
Am I misssing something with the parameters for CPCTRANS.   I think that when it DID work, I used no params at all, other than the source and the dest.
I'm sure I remember when I used the prog from the supplied disk (years ago) that the disk is copy protected, and if I copied the prog to another disk and tried to run that version, then it did not work.   I'm hoping that if I can get the image to work, then the image will include the 'copy protection' - which may well involve the sector numbering?
Any suggestions welcome
Title: Re: Know anything about CPCTRANS
Post by: GeoffB17 on 22:06, 07 September 15
Further to my message, I've checked the .DSK file, and decided that as the data for the first sector did NOT have the usual format info, I might try to tweak that.
So I put the usual format info for a CF2 disk in there.
The .DSK file now DOES work within Joyce, so that's something.   All in Spanish mind you, but with what little Spanish I know, and the original instruction manual (manual ??), that's not a major problem.   Works fine.   Including the option to change the font.
Still, would be nice to know where I'm going wrong with CPCTRANS!
Title: Re: Know anything about CPCTRANS
Post by: GeoffB17 on 21:53, 10 September 15
In case anyone is interested in 3-D Clock Chess for the PCW, I've got around the problem with CPCTRANS (which I suspect may (?) be to do with my PC being too fast).
I used 22DISK to create a valid SYSTEM format disk, incl the format info on first sector.
I used EXPORT within Joyce to copy out the CHESS.COM file to DOS.
I went back into 22DISK and copied the file onto the floppy.
I then used ANADISK to create the directory entry for the dummy (?) file that appears next, given a User ## of 20 Hex, name JOSE.FIG, entry shows 1 extent (normally first extent shows zero) and no blocks used.   I assume this is the copy protection.   I suspect that DISCKIT would not copy a SYSTEM format disk ??, and other copy processes would not copy a NULL file (no data)?
Anyway, this disk works on my PCW, and the prog runs OK.  Nice.
So, regarding THIS need, the problem with CPCTRANS is by-the-way.   Still need to sort something re PacMania????
Title: Re: Know anything about CPCTRANS
Post by: GeoffB17 on 21:29, 22 October 15
Still not getting anywhere with CPCTRANS.
I've seen comment that maybe my computers are too fast??
Saw a note that prog works OK on a 386, but my slowest PC is a 486sx.   The machine I was trying is a Pentium 75.
I'll have to re-try the 486, ensure TURBO is OFF, also suggested ensure any HD cache is disabled (and I'd guess turn off SMARTDRIVE if it's on).