PcW 9256 disks worth dumping?

Started by danhans42, 14:58, 30 March 21

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Hey all,

I picked up another PcW9256 today and it came with some cool stuff, amongst other things some disks.. not sure if they are worth dumping?

I have access to an old PC that I use with cpcdiskxp so can make some images of there is any interest?

The games disk seems like a load of basic games.



i have interrest of that dump ;-)


No problem. I will get them dumped over the next week or so and post them here - just waiting for a replacement for my desktop machine as its packed in.

I havent seen much in the way of 3.5" images for the PcW's so Ill image everything I have if its of use. Also have CPM+/Locoscript1 that came with another machine.


Did you ever dump these? Trying to find 9256 start of day disk images

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