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Started by GeoffB17, 01:01, 20 April 21

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Hm, I've just come by a copy of this, as a complete package.

I'm wondering if it's worth installing, basically just for a look.   Incl re the ability to use different font sizes in the same doc.

BUT - on the basis of John Elliott's notes, there are certainly some bugs in this early version of the system.   The person I got it from admitted that he had never got around to installing it, or doing anything with it, so he will never have been able to get any problems corrected, and I suspect that this might not be possible now, so I'd be stuck.

The install process is fairly complex, and I suspect from the instructions that I'd be swapping disks between the L3 install disk, the original version of L1 that I actually have the 'master' disk for, and an installed SOD disk (I have such for L1, but I also have versions with Loco Mail, and LocoFile, and also working version of L2 which I don't 'use' except for rescuing L2 files.

Maybe I'd be best just to get something working so I can check out L3, I prob don't need to use it at all.

Oh, interesting.   The L3 master disk has a 'normal' side 1, with an 'installer' .EMS file.   Checking side 2, I get a message saying it's a bad format.   I suspect that this side does have a format, but a 'special' one with maybe no normal directory, and no normal XDPB sector, but the 'installer' prog knows what's where and will read the data from sectors directly as required.



I used 3.0 when it was released and never ran into any problems. There are later versions (3.04 and 3.06) floating about online, I believe, so if you encounter any difficulties you could always use the installer from one of those to update your 3.0 installation.


Locoscript 4.10 is 3 pounds only, and it supports pictures in text. A considerable alternative... imho.

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