LocoScript 3.06 / 3.07?

Started by JohnElliott, 14:07, 04 June 22

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As I mentioned in the other thread, I don't have a working copy of LocoScript 3.06. However, I have some 3.06b installer disks (named install_3.06_180[a-d].dsk), so I thought I'd start with a copy of 3.04 and upgrade it using the installer.

Everything seemed to work within JOYCE until it got to the point of formatting the new start-of-day disc, and then it appeared to hang at "Formatting track 0". When I broke into the code, I found it hadn't hung -- there had been a disc error (but no error message displayed) and it was waiting for me to press 'R'etry or 'C'ancel.

This wouldn't be the first time that there was something iffy in JOYCE's emulation, so I tried running the upgrade process in CP/M Box, and exactly the same thing happened.

I suppose it's possible that it's a duff disc image, but I tried with a different dump (named install_3.06b_180[a-d].dsk) and again, the same thing happened.

(I've also got a third dump from somewhere -- loco3upgrade[a-d].dsk -- but I know that set's dodgy because the second disk is entirely blank and the fourth disk is actually Euro-Soccer for the Spectrum +3).

To save time, does anyone have an actual working LocoScript 3.06 / 3.07 start of day DSK file?


Hi John. I have found this one, hope it is ok and works. Cheers



I seem to have a file called LOCO-3.IMG, file dated 2016.  No longer know where I got it from.

Looking inside the file, which seems to be for a CF2DD drive, I see the usual files to install LocoScript,  the installer seems to be for version 3.06, it's an .EMT file.   Similar things I've seen before have been in a CF2 image, with data to complete the install on the other side of the disk.

Any help?



My thanks to everyone who replied. I've now resolved the question that I was trying to nail down: LocoScript 3.06 contains the new SVC_D_BOOTDRV system call, while LocoScript 3.04 does not. So that call must have been added specifically to support booting from the Flash Drive.

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