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NC100 Refurb Questions

Started by lennart, 12:28, 18 October 22

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Hey guys,

I recently stumbled over the NC100 (I am a CPC464 kid originally) and just had to get my hand on one.
So I bought a "defect" one on eBay and my gamble worked out – it had a dead fuse.
So I replaced it with a wire (for now).
But while it is still taken apart, I thought I'd ask you for advice on some things I noticed:

1. Does the NC100 need new caps?

There a three (non-SMD) caps on the mainboard, C301, C305, and C306. Shall I replace them? And if yes, with what – I didnt really find anything useful looking up the labels.
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2. PTC Resettable Fuse?
There is where the NC100 gets an SMD fuse: a 1208 PTC fuse with a trip of about 500mA and 16V which sounds reasonable to me.  Any objections to this replacement?

3. Age ring on the display
I had to take the display out of the metallic bezel (due to rust) and noticed that the background of the LCD has a roundish shadow. Does anyone know what it is and is this is fixable? Is the polarizer foil on its way out?

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And a final non-hw question:
Is there a technical manual for the NC100. I only found a (regular) English manual online. Do you guys happen to have the German one as a pdf?

Any feedback, comments, and suggestions are highly appreciated.
Looking forward to re-assemble the NC100 and give it a spin.

(Currently waiting for the SMD fuse and anti-corrosion stuff for the metal parts inside.)


pelrun describes how to replace the lcd film if it's really bothering you, but it's a risky procedure and there's no real replacement if you damage the display. Best to leave it unless the display is already nearly unreadable.

As for the caps, it doesn't hurt to replace them. You managed to photograph the wrong side of every one, though; the capacitance markings are on the other side. I can *barely* make out 220uF for C301 and 1000uF for C305 in the first image, you also need the voltage (but anything 16V and up is ok).

That said, you should really wait until after you've reassembled it and tested it at least once with just the fuse fix. No point chasing other things until you know if it's necessary.


Quoteyou managed to photograph the wrong side of every one, though

:picard: :picard: :picard:
I am speechless at my own brilliance.
Thank you!
Yes, C301 is 220uF (16V), C305 is a 1000uF (10V), and C306 is 47uF (25V). Will replace them.

(I assembled it after I replaced the fuse with a wire. It turned on fine.)

And yes, I agree. I will not tinker with the display unless it is an easy fix.


Quick update: it's alive and kicking!
Replaced the caps (want to replace a few more) and the SMD fuse is in the mail.
Happy with the current state of the display and the device in general.

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