NC100 works fine on Battery... Dead if I try 6v plug pack...

Started by Gonzo_XIII, 13:39, 20 September 22

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OK, so my NC100 works a treat on batteries. No issues whatsoever.
But as soon as I plug a power pack (not an original) into the socket at the back, it switches off and nothing I can do makes it come on. Until I pull the power plug, and push the power switch on and it lights up again.

Yes I have opened it up (what is with the screws being so damn tight??) and checked if power is coming into the system when the plug pack is connected. Yes, the polarity is correct. Yes the fuse is intact and I can measure power on both sides of the fuse.Yes, when no plug is in, the battery PLUS is connected to the right hand side of the plug receptacle, which is mechanically closed to the upper contact of the plug receptacle. When a plug is inserted, yes the battery is disconnected by that same mechanical switch.

The plug pack I'm using states it is 6v and 1A, although something I've never seen before, it has in brackets after the 1A figure : "(SET TO 0.15A)" so maybe it is hard set to 150mA which might be too little to make it run? On a voltmeter with no load it puts out a very steady 6.12v. Polarity correct at tip negative.

In short, I don't get it... I don't understand why it works on battery but not the plug pack. The only thing I can think of is the current being limited? Anyone know what the NC100 needs to run?  My next thing to try would be a bench power supply? Or is there some other simple thing I'm missing?

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CPC 464 (in parts), 6128plus+monitor, NC100
- X4 Motherboard
- 1Mb Universal RAM Card
- CPC 8 ROM Card (SymBOS, Boulder, Sentinel)
- Multiface II (Not sure how to use this yet)
- USIfAC II (doesn't work with Plus)
- Dandanator Mini (doesn't work with Plus)


The original NC100 powersupply says 6V 300mA. It may very well be that your 150mA is too little. I have not tried my NC100 with anything other than original supply, but a CPC464 will happily light up the power LED even when there is not enough power to actually power the entire machine and give an output to the screen.


The battery is connected *directly* to the power jack, so if the nc100 isn't running off external power, it's either the PSU you're using or the jack itself - there's a switch inside it that disconnects the battery when a plug is inserted. There is no reason to consider anything else on the board.

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