Need to read PCW 9512 (CF2DD) disks but no PCW

Started by GeoffB17, 14:05, 16 September 21

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I'm following up on a thread on another forum, ref:

Diane has a box of 3" disks left by her father, and she suspects that some have files relating to some family history writing that her father was doing.   There seem to be a couple of dozen disks, and it's not clear which ones might be important, so she'd like some help looking at the disks to decide which ones need the data extracting.   Many of the disks (system disks, etc) will be irrelevant.

She is in Newark, Notts and would like some supervised/assisted access to a PCW with a working CF2DD drive.

Is there anyone here that could help.

See the existing thread re suggestions already offered.


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